A Comprehensive Anthology of Sports Betting Terminologies

Sports wagering often involves the utilization of vernacular and jargon. Understanding the meanings of these terms and phrases is extremely helpful, which is why we have compiled this glossary of sports wagering terminology. While it is not strictly mandatory to memorize each of these terms, you may find it useful to consult this glossary in the event that you come across something that is beyond your comprehension.

Accumulator: A wager consisting of numerous selections, all of which must be accurate in order to achieve victory.
Action: An informal and general colloquial term for wagering. For instance, the bookmaker observed considerable activity during the event.
Against the Spread: A wager in which a point spread determines the outcome.
Arbitrage refers to a situation in which the odds offered on a particular wagering market enable the placement of multiple bets with a guaranteed return.
Asian Handicap: An especially popular form of handicap wagering in soccer that originated in Asia.

A bad beat occurs when a wager is lost due to improbable and especially unfortunate circumstances.
A banker is a bet that is regarded as virtually assured of winning.
A bankroll is a designated amount of money that is used exclusively for wagering.
A wagering exchange is a platform that enables bettors to compete directly against one another, eliminating the need for a bookmaker.
Bettors are referred to as “bettors.”
Bookie: An informal form of the term “bookmaker.”
A bookmaker refers to either an individual or an entity that engages in the professional acceptance of wagers.
A frequently employed abbreviation for “bankroll.”
Buck is an abbreviation for a $100 wager.
Buying points is the practice of exchanging money for an advantage of at least half a point in relation to a point spread wager.

The Canadian Line is an ice hockey wagering line that merges the concepts of moneyline and point spread wagering.
Chalk is an abbreviation for “favorite.”
A chalk player is an individual who consistently places bets on favorites.
A “circled game” refers to a wagering activity that is restricted by the bookmaker.
A combination bet is defined as a wager that includes multiple selections.
A cover Successfully placing a wager against the point spread.

D Decimal Odds: One of the three primary formats in which odds are expressed. Widely employed by sports wagering websites.
Degenerate: An individual who frequently engages in irresponsible gambling.
A dime refers to a wager of $1,000 in vernacular.
A dime line is a wagering line that carries a 10% vigorish.
An abbreviation for the term “underdog.”
A dog player is an individual who places bets on underdogs.
A “double” wager is comprised of two distinct selections.
A term used to characterize probabilities that are increasing in length is known as “drifting.”

Each Way: This is a two-part bet. The initial portion of the wager is placed on the winning selection, while the subsequent portion is placed on the same selection to finish within the top few positions.
The term “edge” is employed to denote a benefit of some nature. One way in which bookmakers gain an advantage over wagers is by levying vigorish fees.
Even Money: Odds in which the potential winnings are equivalent to the amount wagered. In moneyline, the value is +100; in decimal, it is 2.00; and in fractional, it is 1/1.
The phrase “exotic wager” refers to a non-standard type of wager.
Expected value is a theoretical metric that quantifies the potential long-term profit of a wager.

F Favorite: The candidate with the highest probability of winning in a wagering market.
The term “field” is used to refer to the entirety of the potential selections within a wagering market.
Fin is an abbreviation for a $50 wager.
Fixed odds are those that are agreed upon at the time of placing a wager. Regardless of future fluctuations in the odds for the pertinent selection, they remain constant.
Recent outcomes of an individual or a group.
Fractional odds are one of the three primary formats in which odds are expressed. Frequent usage throughout the United Kingdom.
Futures wagers are wagers that are executed in anticipation of a future event.

Slang for “going down” or “placing a wager.”

The grand salami is a specialized ice hockey wager that predicts the aggregate number of goals scored across all ice hockey matches on a given day.